Students & Families

We utilize the outdoor, natural environment as a classroom for academic, recreational and life skills. These are valuable lessons for all individuals. At-risk youth, however, lack the systems—home, school and community—that can provide children with the necessary experiences, role models and support. Our program fills this void by offering school-year activities and events, summer camp, job training and academic support.

Experiential learning promotes the discovery of inner strengths and new skills. Through the process of facilitation, the City Kids Program helps youth transfer lessons learned in the wilderness to real life. Youth discover connections between the outdoor challenges and their life back in the city.

The transfer of learning provides the opportunity to:

  • Develop positive relationship skills
  • Learn techniques for effective problem solving techniques
  • Gain insight into how to live a healthy life
  • Learn how to collaborate with others
  • Improve self-image, self-confidence and self-awareness

Our City Kids receive comfort, support and encouragement from adults and peers, and our youth experience the joy of personal and group success. They have fun in a wholesome, natural environment and youth are encouraged to discover and share metaphoric connections as a way to make the experience more meaningful and relevant.

Experiential learning in the great outdoors combined with discussions of home, school and social situations provide our youth with the tools and skills to successfully deal with to real life situations. Our caring staff creates opportunities for new life experiences otherwise unattainable for these children. At a glance, a casual observer at camp may see children just being children as they play in the outdoors. We see much more. We see children becoming strong, healthy, and happy adults.

Our youth will learn and make connections that can last a lifetime.